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Dracula Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Jonathan Harker's Journal, October 1

  • Jonathan goes to visit one of the two delivery guys who picked up boxes from Carfax the day Renfield attacked them.
  • After paying the guy some money as a bribe, Jonathan learns how many boxes they picked up and moved.
  • They moved nine boxes to a house in Piccadilly (another neighborhood in London).
  • The house was recently sold, and Jonathan asks the lawyer who was in charge of the sale who bought it. The lawyer refuses to tell until Jonathan drops Arthur's name (after all, Arthur is now "Lord Godalming," and everyone is impressed by that kind of title).
  • The lawyer says he'll write to "Lord Godalming" that evening to let him know.
  • Jonathan reports back to the rest of the group.
  • Mina still looks pale, and is grumpy at being kept out of the loop, although she tries to act cheerful.
  • They decide to check out the house in Piccadilly to see how many boxes are actually there (after all, Dracula might have hired different movers to carry over the rest of the missing twenty-one boxes).
  • The problem is how to break into the house in Piccadilly. Carfax is relatively isolated and is surrounded by a huge yard and a high wall, so breaking in there wasn't a problem. Piccadilly, though, is a busy place at night or during the day.

Dr. Seward's Diary, October 1

  • Renfield's moods change more quickly than a teenager's. Dr. Seward doesn't know what to make of it, but he's still afraid Renfield is in cahoots with Dracula.

A Letter from the Lawyer about the House in Piccadilly, October 1

  • The lawyer says the house was bought by a foreign gentleman named "Count De Ville" (haha, it sounds like "devil").

Dr. Seward's Diary, October 2

  • Everyone is split up, working on various tasks: Arthur and Quincey are getting horses from Arthur's house in case they need them; Jonathan is meeting with the lawyer to get more information about the so-called "Count De Ville," and Van Helsing is at the British Museum looking up information on vampire-killing.
  • Dr. Seward gets a message that Renfield has had a terrible accident and is covered in blood.

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