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Dracula Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Message from Van Helsing to Jonathan Harker

  • Van Helsing leaves a message for Jonathan on Dr. Seward's phonograph that he should stay with "Madam Mina" to protect her while the rest of them go after Dracula.

Jonathan's Journal, October 4

  • Mina is relieved to hear that Dracula has left the country.
  • Jonathan and Mina work hard to keep from thinking about the future: They read and reread the journals.

Mina's Journal, October 5

  • They all have a meeting to discuss the best way to track down Dracula.
  • They guess he must be trying to get back to Transylvania, so they look for a boat that's headed in that direction.
  • After asking around, they figure he's on a ship called the Czarina Catherine, which, unfortunately, has already sailed.
  • But they're lucky—they know the ship's schedule and destination, so hopefully they can beat Dracula to his destination by taking a train across Europe instead of sailing around it.

Dr. Seward's Diary, October 5

  • After a good sleep and an early breakfast, everyone feels better.
  • Dr. Seward is a bit worried about Mina: He's afraid that after a while, she might start unconsciously helping Dracula, or exposing their plans to him.
  • He mentions this to Van Helsing in private, and Van Helsing agrees—Mina is slowly changing and becoming more vampire-like.
  • They agree to keep Mina in the dark about their plan, so that she won't be able to tell Dracula about it.
  • Of course, it's not that she'd want to tell Dracula anything, but she's under his power and she might not have a choice.
  • They try to persuade Jonathan to stay behind in England with Mina.

Jonathan Harker's Journal, October 5

  • Mina asks Jonathan to swear never to tell her anything about the group's plans to defeat Dracula.
  • She's worried that she might accidentally let something slip to the Count because of their telepathic connection.
  • Jonathan is upset, but he promises.
  • Later, Mina is cheerful again.

Jonathan Harker's Journal, October 6

  • Mina wakes up early, asking to be hypnotized again.
  • She's more like herself at dawn and dusk.
  • She tells them that they'll have to take her with them, even if they don't tell her where they're going, exactly. She's worried that if they leave her alone, and the Count summons her, she'll have to go, even if it means sneaking out behind Jonathan's back.
  • She'll be safer with the whole group.
  • Van Helsing goes to buy tickets for their journey, and the other men make their wills and tie up their affairs in case they die before the end.

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