Study Guide

Dragonwings Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

By Laurence Yep

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Dragonwings is bursting with the hopes that each of the characters hold. Some characters help one another with dreams, like Moon Shadow's devoted faith in his father, and some characters have dreams that conflict with one another, like how Uncle Bright Star's priority is the Company while Windrider cares most for his destiny to fly. What is a dream worth? What is sacrificed in pursuing one dream? Can dreams shift?

Questions About Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

  1. Can a person pursue two dreams at once?
  2. What is Moon Shadow's dream, and how does he work to achieve it?
  3. Does Windrider's faith in his dream make him a bad friend and father?
  4. What is the dream of the Company, and does it continue?

Chew on This

Windrider is a bad father and friend because he neglects his loved ones' wishes in order to pursue his own dream.

Windrider is a good father because he models faith, an independent spirit, and self-confidence to Moon Shadow.