Study Guide

Dragonwings Principles

By Laurence Yep


The characters in Dragonwings demonstrate their sense of principles by helping others. Moon Shadow, for example, is an extremely disciplined kid who consistently looks out for his dad's best interest over his own. Throughout the novel we see characters acting in generous ways. At the end of the day, Dragonwings suggests that people who look out for other people are way more awesome than those who just think of themselves.

Questions About Principles

  1. Who is the strongest character in Dragonwings?
  2. What qualities does Moon Shadow value in other people? What is a "superior" person?
  3. What signs do we have that Moon Shadow grows and matures as a person?
  4. Why does Moon Shadow believe it is more important to look out for others than oneself?

Chew on This

Black Dog is the strongest character because he works outside of the law, subverting rules of the Man.

Mother is the strongest character in Dragonwings because she patiently takes care of her own life while offering as much support as possible to the ones she loves.