Study Guide

Dragonwings The Home

By Laurence Yep

The Home

You might have noticed in Dragonwings that there's a lot of moving around in Moon Shadow's life, which also means that his home space is constantly shifting and resettling. Could it be that this unstable home space speaks to Moon Shadow's struggle to belong in America? Maybe. What is it that constitutes a home? Is it four walls and a door? Is home necessarily a thing in space, or could it be a feeling?

Questions About The Home

  1. Where does Moon Shadow feel most at home?
  2. What does each new setting that Moon Shadow moves to say about each situation and his mood?
  3. How do Moon Shadow and Windrider nest into each new home space?
  4. What makes San Francisco the Land of the Golden Mountain for Moon Shadow? Does he consider it home?

Chew on This

Moon Shadow considers the Land of the Golden Mountain home because he has grown the most as a person in San Francisco.

Moon Shadow cannot consider the Land of the Golden Mountain home until his mother arrives because home is wherever his family members are.