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Dreaming in Cuban Sweeties

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We're talking ├ęclairs. Apple pies. Strawberry shortcakes. Pecan. Sticky buns. The kind of sweeties that Lourdes sells in abundance at her Yankee Doodle Bakeries and that put the hundred or so extra pounds of flesh on her body. These are luxury items that any American during World War II would have killed to get their hands on. And they are the image of American abundance and decadence that drive Celia just a little bit out of her mind when she sees them in pictures from Lourdes' bakery ("Shells," 117). Is Lourdes doing her best to convince her mother that the American way is the best one? Or is she really just trying to show her Mami that she's made good in her adopted country? We'll leave it to you to figure that out. We can tell you that Celia doesn't take it too kindly to be reminded of all the things she's missing out on because of the Revolution.

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