Study Guide

Stilgar in Dune

By Frank Herbert


Stilgar is the head honcho of Sietch Tibr, and he's the Fremen who originally accepts Jessica and Paul into Fremen society.

In many ways, Stilgar is a knight archetype like Gurney. His skills and loyalty cause Paul to refer to him as "[his] right arm" (44.249). He also employs intelligence and cunning on more than one occasion, leading even Jessica to admire him as a "man who weighs his decisions, who thinks of consequences" (32.61).

But unlike Gurney, Stilgar becomes consumed by the religion and mythology surrounding Muad'Dib. Even Paul is saddened by how "Stilgar [has] been transformed from the Fremen naib to a creature of the Lisan al-Gaib, a receptacle for awe and obedience" (48.56). Stilgar changes from a friend and teacher to Paul (like Gurney) to becoming Paul's worshipper, a religious knight who can no longer think for himself.