Study Guide

Dune Book I, Chapter 11

By Frank Herbert

Book I, Chapter 11

  • Leto is a wee bit upset over the attempted assassination of his son.
  • Leto thinks about his home planet of Caladan and realizes he could never think of a planet like Arrakis as home. He hopes Paul will be able to make it a home, all the same.
  • A shuttle arrives, and Leto goes to meet his men. Gurney Halleck is among them.
  • Leto and Gurney Halleck greet each other, and Leto pulls his old friend aside for a brief chitchat.
  • Leto has two jobs for Gurney. First, Gurney's to send some of his men to back up Hawat's at the main gate. Second, Gurney will go to a shuttle leaving the planet and convince as many spice hunters as he can to stay on the planet. They are valuable workers.
  • Despite just getting off the shuttle, Gurney is willing and able. So, either they've cured jetlag in the future, or Gurney is straight up the man.
  • Leto dismisses his friend and then gives the propaganda man a message for his men. Then he thinks again about how they tried to take Paul's life. Yeah… he's not mad at all.