Study Guide

Dune Book I, Chapter 13

By Frank Herbert

Book I, Chapter 13

  • Leto meets with Hawat to discuss a… sensitive matter.
  • Leto and Hawat both know that a traitor sits amongst their ranks. But Leto wants to know what Hawat has been holding back.
  • Hawat shows him the part of the letter they were able to recover from a Harkonnen courier. Based on the note, he believes the Lady Jessica may be the traitor.
  • Leto dismisses the idea as insane, but Hawat points out there would be no better way to destroy him completely and utterly.
  • Leto doesn't agree with Hawat but decides to let him think he does. Plans within plans and whatnot. He believes if he makes it seem like he distrusts Jessica, the real traitor may slip up.
  • Hawat asks to put Jessica under Idaho's constant surveillance. That Idaho's one busy state—er, guy.
  • Leto agrees and takes a walk.
  • Leto watches the sun rise over Arrakeen. The beauty of the scene makes him wonder if Arrakis could grow on him. Then, as he watches the dew gatherers do their work, he is reminded of how hideous the planet can be as well.