Study Guide

Dune Book I, Chapter 19

By Frank Herbert

Book I, Chapter 19

  • Jessica awakens in the dark bound and gagged. Pretending to be asleep, she tries to take in her surroundings but a voice tells her he knows she's awake.
  • The voice belongs to one Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.
  • The Baron informs her that the drug was timed, and Jessica realizes that such a drug could only be Yueh's doing.
  • Piter enters to the room to claim his prize, by which we mean Jessica.
  • But hold on. The Baron has a surprise for Piter. He says the man may have Jessica per his request—or the Baron will give him the Duchy of Arrakis to rule in his stead. So, Piter, deal or no deal?
  • Piter chooses deal. He wants Arrakis.
  • Jessica realizes the Baron thought of everything and now fully understands the Reverend Mother's warnings. The Baron is a powerful adversary.
  • Piter orders two men to dispose of Jessica and Paul in the desert so that the sandworms will destroy all the evidence. One of the men is deaf, so Jessica's power of the Voice will not work on him.
  • Jessica is put into a litter with her son and taken to an ornithopter. The two men, Kinet and Czigo, fly them into the desert.
  • On the way, Jessica realizes her seat belt has been severed for easy escape. Someone has kindly prepared the ornithopter for their escape.
  • The two men discuss raping Jessica. Paul threatens them, and Jessica realizes he's trying to use the Voice. Jessica also notices another 'thopter is following them.
  • When they land, the two men prepare to do the deed when Paul uses the Voice to make Czigo remove Jessica's gag.
  • Jessica follows by using her Bene Gesserit powers, spiced with a hint of feminine allure, to coerce Kinet and Czigo to fight.
  • Czigo kills Kinet.
  • Jessica then convinces Czigo she'll cooperate with his desires if he lets Paul go into the desert. When Czigo cuts Paul's bonds, Paul kills the man with a well-placed kick to the diaphragm.
  • Paul unbinds his mother. Jessica tells him to get the bundle under the pilot's seat Yueh left for them.
  • When Jessica sees Czigo's blood, she thinks it a terrible waste of moisture.
  • The following 'thopter swoops down toward them. Jessica and Paul run.