Study Guide

Dune Book I, Chapter 20

By Frank Herbert

Book I, Chapter 20

  • Let's do the time warp and see how Yueh set up Jessica and Paul's escape.
  • A Sardaukar finds Yueh with an unconscious Leto.
  • The soldier wants to know where the Duke's signet ring is, but Yueh says he doesn't have it on him.
  • The Sardaukar orders Yueh to wait outside while he binds Leto for delivery to the Baron.
  • Yueh is struck by the way the man refers to him as a traitor, understanding this is how history will remember him.
  • Yueh walks to the ornithopter. He contemplates his plan and hopes Idaho does not fail and undo everything. Again, people expect a lot from Idaho.
  • At the 'thopter, he slips the signet ring inside the hidden bundle he's prepared for Jessica and Paul.
  • With that done, he awaits the Baron and his answers.