Study Guide

Dune Book I, Chapter 3

By Frank Herbert

Book I, Chapter 3

  • The Reverend Mother goes all, well, mother-like and asks Jessica what she has to say for herself. Jessica is too busy remembering her own ordeal with the gom jabbar.
  • When pushed, Jessica tells the Reverend Mother she had a son because Duke Leto wanted one. She vows never to regret her decision to disobey the order to have a girl.
  • The Reverend Mother believes she may not regret the decision, but she and Paul will pay for it all the same. Jessica protests she'll shield Paul, but the Reverend Mother protests her protest, claiming such an action will only make Paul too weak to fulfill his destiny.
  • Jessica and the Reverend Mother call Paul into the room. Time to get back to that whole dream business.
  • Paul recounts a dream he has. He's in a cavern with water and a girl. Paul doesn't know the girl, but he knows he'll know her one day. The girl's eyes are all blue and Paul sings for her a song written by Gurney Halleck.
  • After hearing the dream, the Reverend Mother gives Paul a hint as to why the other Kwisatz Haderachs failed. She says, "That which submits rules" (3.78). My, how very mystic of her.
  • Paul demands to know what the Bene Gesserit plan to do about his father, but the Reverend Mother simply says they've done everything they can to salvage Jessica and Paul. Duke Leto, on the other hand, is pretty much doomed.
  • The Reverend Mother grants one more warning. Jessica must train Paul in the Voice. With that, she leaves, tears in her eyes.