Study Guide

Dune Book II, Chapter 28

By Frank Herbert

Book II, Chapter 28

  • We start the chapter from Gurney's perspective. Good to know the old guy's still kicking.
  • Staban Tuek, son of the late Esmar Tuek, gives him the news on Arrakis. Basically, Gurney's brought up to speed on everything we already know. Also, everyone thinks Paul and Jessica are good and dead.
  • Gurney wants to settle the score with the Harkonnens, but Tuek convinces him that one does not prematurely attempt revenge.
  • Gurney accepts a position with the smugglers. Tuek also has a score to settle with the Harkonnens for killing his father, so they'll work together toward that same goal.
  • Gurney says he'll give his men the choice to stay with the smugglers or leave. He won't force any decision on them. Tuek says he'll willingly accept any good fighting men.
  • Gurney joins his men. One of them, Mattai, is dying and wishes Gurney to sing him a song to ease his passing.
  • Baliset in hand, Gurney sings for the man until he passes. The old warrior thinks about how they are now only seventy-three.