Study Guide

Dune Book II, Chapter 29

By Frank Herbert

Book II, Chapter 29

  • Paul stands outside the stilltent, scanning "the dunes expos[ing] greased shadows so black they were like bits of night" (29.2). Now that's vivid writing.
  • Jessica emerges from the tent, and Paul mentions that he feels he could enjoy this quiet land.
  • Well, no sense just hanging out. Paul strikes camp, and he and Jessica get ready to trek those dangerous but quiet dunes.
  • Paul sets a thumper, a device that causes vibrations in the sand to draw the attention of the worms.
  • Again using his awesome memory rewind ability, he remembers how the Fremen walked the desert. He shows his mother how to step "without rhythm" (29.32).
  • Jessica picks up quickly. They head out.
  • The thumper starts thumping. That's why they call it thumper. It draws the attention of a worm.
  • Everything goes smoothly until Paul steps on some drum sand. As the name suggests, said sand drums when people step on it, attracting the worm to the spot.
  • Well, no time for that " walking without rhythm" stuff. Paul and Jessica bolt for the rocks.
  • Paul and Jessica enter the rocks and see the worm rise from the sand, blotting out the moon.
  • Paul feels a sense of joy. When he entered the rocky area, he crossed some type of barrier. He can't sense the future at all, and his other senses become hyper-aware as a result.
  • Another thumper sounds, drawing the worm away. The Fremen have called the worm away, but why? Paul mentions something about "maker hooks," but we'll have to wait and see what that's all about.
  • Paul and Jessica climb up a manmade path and find themselves in a type of garden. It's a bunch of paltry bushes, but on Arrakis, it might as well be an oasis.
  • Paul says they'll camp here and look for the Fremen tomorrow, when a voice suggests most intruders regret finding Fremen in the desert.
  • Another voice says Paul and Jessica need to get their water before dawn. My, my, how ominous.
  • Paul and Jessica prepare themselves.