Study Guide

Dune Book II, Chapter 36

By Frank Herbert

Book II, Chapter 36

  • Stilgar's troop returns to their sietch, and Paul is welcomed to his new home. It's an entire cave system, but if you get a colorful throw rug or two, you'll hardly notice the difference.
  • Paul hears whispers of people feeling sorry for Chani.
  • Jessica asks Stilgar about their spice work. Apparently, they can make everything from paper to plastics to explosives with the stuff. Is there anything this stuff can't do?
  • It's not long before Paul hears another whisper. Liet-Kynes is dead, and Chani is his daughter. No one, by the way, thinks it was an accident.
  • Paul is introduced to Harah, Jamis's wife. Oh, awkward.
  • Even more awkwardness ensues. According to Fremen law, she is now Paul's responsibility. He will care for her and her sons for at least one year.
  • Paul now has a difficult decision to make: will he keep her on as a servant or a wife?
  • Paul chooses servant, and she gets a bit upset for being passed over as a wife.
  • Harah takes Paul to his new quarters, Jamis's old quarters. Again, the Fremen don't make it easy.
  • As they go, Harah acts as Paul's tour guide. She points out the dew collectors, the weaving machinery, the stillsuit maintenance, and the food processing. It's a bustle of activity, and everything will have to be broken down and moved soon. The Sardaukar are on the hunt, so sietch-moving is a common thing these days.
  • Harah and Paul even pass a school where children are being taught words, including trees and grass. Generally, the children would not need such words, but Kynes set up a system to teach the children in a way that would prepare them for the new Arrakis. You've got to give the guy credit; he really did think of everything.
  • Harah also gives Paul the tour of his new quarters. She flirts a little bit with him, but Paul sends her to get him some food. Quite the lady's man, Paul.
  • Resting, Paul thinks of Chani and about how both he and she are now children who have lost their fathers.
  • And who should coincidentally walk in at that moment? Why, the children of Jamis, of course, each wielding a crysknife.