Study Guide

Dune Book III, Chapter 38

By Frank Herbert

Book III, Chapter 38

  • The Baron storms into the servants' antechamber and just starts yelling at Nefud. Nefud is dumbfounded, partly because of the yelling, but mostly because he's high on semuta.
  • Let's do that time warp: Nefud mentions he's been the Baron's captain of the guard since he got to Arrakis, two years ago. Just keeping that timeline straight.
  • What bug does the Baron have up his suspensor unit? His sex slave had a blemish on his thigh hiding a poisonous needle.
  • But Feyd-Rautha interrupts his uncle. The Baron asks where he's been, and his nephew says he was beating the slavemaster at cheops.
  • The Baron orders the slavemaster killed for being such a poor gamer and brings Feyd-Rautha to his chambers. Jeez, just imagine what he'd do to you if you beat him at Call of Duty.
  • The chamber is a mess. The Baron says Feyd's plan failed.
  • The Baron asks about what happened in the arena several years ago, and Feyd spills the beans about his and Hawat's plan.
  • The Baron is upset that Feyd tried to have him assassinated, but he proposes a bargain. Hawat will watch over Feyd at all times, and in return, the Baron won't have to kill him. Full time nanny but no early grave? Seems fair.
  • Feyd does mention that Hawat is a dangerous toy, but the Baron says he knows how to use the Mentat (right to the Imperium throne).
  • Feyd has a moment where he pictures himself the Emperor. The idea seems to appeal to him.
  • But there's still the matter of punishment for Feyd. The Baron says he must personally kill every woman in the pleasure wing.
  • Feyd just thinks on the day he'll no longer need his uncle around.