Study Guide

Dune Book III, Chapter 42

By Frank Herbert

Book III, Chapter 42

  • After a long and tense standoff, Paul nabs himself a worm. He rides on top of it and swings back to pick up the rest of the Fremen. All aboard.
  • Stilgar goes all father-like on Paul and points out all the mistakes he made. Paul is initially upset but agrees with Stilgar that they work as a team.
  • As a sandrider, Paul may now choose their destination. Paul chooses south to be with his family, though Stilgar says the men are now eager to begin attacking the Harkonnens. Paul says they are heading south, but Stilgar suggests camping at the Cave of Birds.
  • Hey, you can't blame the guy. Stilgar doesn't want to be forced to fight Paul in the south sietch. What he doesn't know is that Paul is seeking an alternative.
  • Ornithopters fly overhead. The Fremen drop off the worm and blend into the sand.
  • The Fremen recognize the ornithopters as those belonging to smugglers. Paul and Stilgar decide to set a trap for their desert visitors.