Study Guide

Dune Book III, Chapter 43

By Frank Herbert

Book III, Chapter 43

  • In the ornithopter, Gurney's men spy a rich patch of spice. They decide to go in and, um, borrow some from the Fremen. Gurney's nerves are on edge as he thinks about the Fremen's new and sophisticated tactics.
  • The smugglers land and, yep, it's a trap. The ornithopters are shot down with rockets, and the Fremen engage the smugglers.
  • Gurney comes face to face with a Fremen, but the Fremen says that Gurney has no cause to draw his weapon.
  • The big reveal: it's Paul.
  • Gurney immediately orders his men to stand down, claiming it was a mistake (though half his men are dead due to this mistake).
  • Paul introduces Gurney to Stilgar and thinks about how great it will be to have Gurney in his campaign.
  • Paul sort of apologizes for the friends of Gurney's who were killed—but, hey, they were trespassers in Fremen land and might have seen what they were not meant to.
  • Gurney understands and wishes to see these secrets for himself. He's taken aback, though, at how Paul uses the word us when referring to the Fremen.
  • Paul and his old weapons master talk tactics. Gurney reveals to Paul that the Harkonnens have become immobilized within their own villages and cities. In other words, Paul can bring the attack to them.
  • Paul asks Gurney to officially join his ranks. Gurney says that he never left Paul's service. If that's the case, then his back pay is going to be sweet.
  • With the winds coming, they must move underground. Paul asks which of the smugglers Gurney trusts. Gurney suspects some of them may be Sardaukar.
  • In the Cave of Birds, Gurney gets another shock. Paul is this Muad'Dib bloke everyone has been talking about.
  • Paul and Gurney finally get the privacy to have a heart-to-heart. But wouldn't you know it? The alarm sounds. Those Sardaukar have stirred up trouble.
  • Not much trouble, though. They're up against Fremen, after all. The Fremen manage to capture three and kill the rest.
  • Paul signals out the Sardaukar captain and tells him he is Muad'Dib and Paul Atreides. The idea is to let the guy go so he can spread the word. The news of Paul's life will be bait for the Harkonnens, as well as for the Emperor.
  • Paul takes a Fremen named Korba aside and gives him tips on dealing with the Sardaukar. Since the Sardaukar are bred to be warriors, they're like walking Swiss Army knives, full of weapons.
  • Stilgar returns with Chani, having taken her away from the fighting. Paul finally tells Stilgar that he will not be calling the old Fremen out, saying, "Do you think I wish to cut off my right arm?" (43.249). Glad we got that drama out of the way.
  • Paul has Chani return south to send Jessica to the Cave of Birds. Paul will convince the young Fremen that he will lead the tribes without killing Stilgar.
  • Gurney asks Paul about his mother, learning that she is still alive. Gurney thinks his opportunity to seek vengeance has arrived. What? Oh, that's right. Gurney has been in contact with Hawat, who is being fed false information from the Baron, who says that the traitor was Jessica (not Yueh). Throw in some amnesia and a long-lost brother, and this situation will be ready for soap opera prime time.