Study Guide

Eclipse Chapter 22

By Stephenie Meyer

Chapter 22

Fire and Ice

  • As a full-scale snowstorm wreaks havoc outside the tent, Bella is slowly freezing to death, despite the warm clothes Edward packed for her. Both Edward and Jacob suggest leaving, but Bella thinks they'd waste all their strategic efforts.
  • Jacob convinces Edward that the only way to keep Bella from freezing to death is for him to get into the sleeping bag with her, because he's running a toasty 108 degrees these days. At first, Bella protests, but feeling Jacob's warmth dissolves all her reservations within seconds.
  • Since Edward can read Jacob's mind, he asks Jacob to restrain his thoughts about Bella, because they drive him crazy with jealousy. Jacob challenges him to an open talk. Edward agrees.
  • Half asleep, Bella witnesses the conversation between the two boys. Edward admits that he's playing the "patient good guy" (22.124) toward Jacob, because part of him is afraid that forcing Bella to choose between him and Jacob will drive her into Jacob's arms. He also confides to Jacob that he wants her to be human and that, on a purely objective level, Jacob probably makes a better match for her. If she chose Jacob, Edward would let her go, but…

    "But I would keep watch. You see, Jacob, you might leave her someday… I would always be waiting in the wings, hoping for that to happen." (22.172)

  • Edward concedes that if they weren't natural enemies he might actually like him. Jacob doesn't return his concession. They decide their little truce will end at first light.