Study Guide

Eclipse Choices

By Stephenie Meyer


Choice represents the major theme in the Twilight series. You always have a choice, but what distinguishes a right from a wrong choice? In Eclipse, the characters have trouble deciding whether to stay true to their own desires in making a choice, or to make their choice "right" by the people affected by their decisions. When Bella chooses Edward over Jacob, she believes she's making the right choice for herself. On the other hand, she decides that a bigger wedding will be the right choice for her parents and for Alice. In the process, she discovers that the right choice is about making an informed choice.

Questions About Choices

  1. Does Jacob not want to be chief of the werewolf pack because he's still holding out on winning Bella?
  2. In Eclipse, we get deep insight into both Edward and Jacob's psyche, especially during their heart-to-heart in the tent. Based on that knowledge, who do you think is a better match for Bella?
  3. Do you believe Jacob is right when he warns Bella that she's making an uninformed choice by going with Edward, since she hasn't been in a real human relationship before?
  4. We learn that imprinting is not a choice. Can it be called love then?