Study Guide

Eclipse Jealousy

By Stephenie Meyer


Jealousy represents a natural part of romantic love in Eclipse. But should jealousy be expressed or suppressed? Edward and Jacob are clearly jealous of each other. But while Edward hides his jealousy and plays nice, Jacob makes no secret of his competitive and even hostile feelings toward his rival. Yet both fight an "unfair" fight against each other. Rosalie is jealous of Bella because she's human and can have children, while Bella is sometimes jealous of beautiful female vampires. All of the characters who suffer from jealousy don't seem to be able to overcome it.

Questions About Jealousy

  1. Who's the most jealous of all the characters?
  2. Who best deals with his feelings of jealousy – Jacob or Edward?
  3. Do people tend to be more jealous the more they love someone?
  4. What kinds of things are we most jealous of when it comes to other people? Tangible things, like wealth, or intangible things, like personality?