Study Guide

Eclipse Love

By Stephenie Meyer


Eclipse explores the complexity of love and the struggle to define true love. The characters find love connected to many emotions. Some are positive, others are negative. Edward and Jacob's love for Bella, for example, inspires them to forge an unlikely alliance between vampires and werewolves who, until then, considered themselves mortal enemies. At the same time, Bella acts selfishly in putting off her choice between Edward and Jacob, because she's in love with them both. In the end, though, the foundation of true love seems to lie in choosing to make a commitment to one person.

Questions About Love

  1. Do you think that the fact that Jake didn't imprint on Bella means that they are simply not meant for each other?
  2. What are the chances that Bella will forego her transformation into a vampire and return to Jacob?
  3. Do you think Wuthering Heights is a good analogy for Bella's story in Eclipse? Who is more like Heathcliff – Edward or Jacob?
  4. Bella and Edward make a lot of compromises in Eclipse. Do you think compromise is the sign of true love?
  5. Who loves Bella more – Edward or Jacob?