Study Guide

Eclipse Manipulation

By Stephenie Meyer


The characters in Eclipse manipulate each other emotionally to get what they want. While some manipulate openly, others hide their true intentions. Jacob openly guilt-trips Bella into kissing him, which leads her to realize her love for him. Edward slyly manipulates Bella into taking his side against Jacob by appearing to be tolerant toward him. Victoria manipulates Reilly into helping her build a vampire army by pretending she loves him. In short, manipulation can arise from good or bad intentions, but it in Eclipse it's always a selfish act.

Questions About Manipulation

  1. Bella asks Edward to sit out the war with her. Do you think it was selfish and manipulative of her to ask him to stay?
  2. If Jacob hadn't forced Bella to kiss him, she probably wouldn't have realized she loved him, so was his manipulation justified?
  3. Bella says that Alice manipulates her into letting her arrange her wedding. Could she have wanted Alice to manipulate her into agreeing to her plans?
  4. Who's the best manipulator? Bella, Edward, or Jacob?