Study Guide

Eclipse Mortality

By Stephenie Meyer


What do you win or lose by being a mortal? In the throes of war in Eclipse, Bella learns that as a mortal you can easily lose your life, especially when you associate with supernatural creatures. She also struggles with aging, because she knows that her true love Edward will stay forever young as a vampire. Even Jacob as a werewolf won't age. At the same time, she realizes that, being immortal, she'll lose her human hormones and with them the physical and emotional sensations that define her experience of "feeling alive." As an immortal, the boundaries of human time will also lose significance for her. She'll outlive most of the people she loves.

Questions About Mortality

  1. Why does the sacrifice of Taha Aki's third wife appeal so much to Bella?
  2. What does Bella value most about her mortality?
  3. How does Rosalie's story impact Bella's attitude or thoughts about surrendering her mortality?