Study Guide

Eclipse Sex

By Stephenie Meyer


Eclipse explores sex as both a physical and emotional union of two people. Sex as a purely physical act tends to be violent and dangerous in this book. In Rosalie's case, her fiancé assaulted her sexually because he had no feelings for her. For Bella and Edward, sex represents the consummation of their love for each other. It's an act of body, mind, and spirit, involving great trust and vulnerability. For Bella, it's also a deeply human experience, which is why she wants Edward to make love to her before he turns her into a vampire.

Questions About Sex

  1. How much of Bella's sexual attraction to Edward has to do with the "danger" it poses to her?
  2. Edward is very hesitant to make love to Bella in her human fragile form out of fear that he will hurt her. Do you think his fears are justified?
  3. If there was no danger that Edward could kill Bella by sleeping with her, do you think he'd still care so much about waiting and virtues?