Study Guide

Eclipse Transformation

By Stephenie Meyer


Eclipse explores the pros and cons of transforming into an immortal vampire. Bella has always been attracted to the advantages of eternal youth, beauty, and the supernatural skills that come with being a vampire. But when the moment of her transformation finally draws near, she comes to realize that, by losing her humanity, she might not only lose her family, friends, and identity, but also her strong physical love for Edward. In conclusion, she learns that transformation will affect her body and mind more than she first imagined.

Questions About Transformation

  1. How do you think Bella will turn out as a vampire?
  2. Bella says, "And if all I wanted was to kill people would my love for Edward change?" How will her relationship with Edward change after her transformation?
  3. Both Edward and Jacob are drawn to Bella's vulnerability. She brings out their protector instinct. How will their feelings change when she turns into a vampire, able to fight for herself?
  4. Do you think Bella will go through her with her transformation?