Study Guide

Eclipse Warfare

By Stephenie Meyer


In Eclipse, supernatural warfare shares many common traits with human warfare. The negative motives are greed, power, and revenge. On the other hand, war also inspires positive emotions, such as loyalty to a cause. Supernatural wars are more old-fashioned in that they involve man-to-man combat, but the supernatural speed and force of werewolves and vampires rivals today's high-tech weapons. Strategy, rather than brute strength, seems to be the most important factor in winning supernatural wars.

Questions About Warfare

  1. In Eclipse, both werewolves and vampires talk about war as a "fun thing to do." Do you think that the novel glorifies war?
  2. In many war films, men choose to leave their families behind to fight for their country. Is fighting for your country more important than family?
  3. Is the war excitement amongst vampires and werewolves a sign of their animal instincts or of their human instincts?