Study Guide

Eleanor & Park

By Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park Introduction

Two misfits on the bus to school, in fair Omaha where we lay our scene. A pair of star-crossed lovers swap cassettes, and try to keep their comic books pristine.

Okay, we tried.

Eleanor & Park is the story of two outsiders who fall in love, but if you think you've heard this story before, think again. Their romance happens in the wrong place at the wrong time, but together, Eleanor and Park are anything but wrong. Just like Shakespeare's unlucky R & J, our heroes are destined to be torn apart, but along the way they share something incredible.

This book isn't just the fireworks, rainbows, and violins of first love, though; Rainbow Rowell's 2013 Eleanor & Park deals with issues like bullying, discrimination, and domestic violence. Eleanor, new at school, stands out in a crowd: She's got fiery red hair, a curvy body type, and a thing for wearing men's clothing, so from day one, she's targeted by bullies at school and on the bus. This is roses and sunshine compared to Eleanor's home life, though, where her stepdad, Richie, is a violent alcoholic who keeps Eleanor's household in a state of constant terror.

Park's upbringing is happy and sheltered in comparison, but he's got his own set of issues. Raised by a Korean mom and an Army vet dad, Park's set apart by his race and his interest in music and comic books. When he gives Eleanor a seat on the bus one fateful morning, he sparks an unlikely friendship that turns into pure chemistry.

Set in 1986, Eleanor and Park's story is infused with pop culture, comic books, and music from the mid-80s, from punk rock to new wave. As these two slowly fall in love to the sound of Park's Walkman, though, we get the feeling that just like their favorite Joy Division song, love will (unfortunately) tear them apart.

But don't cry—Eleanor & Park manages to be snarky, hilarious, incredibly real, and in the end, hopeful.

Well, okay, you can cry a little bit.

What is Eleanor & Park About and Why Should I Care?

No vampires required. Young adult lit loves its vampires, but Eleanor & Park doesn't need the undead to tell a romantic story that will make you swoon. Author Rainbow Rowell writes about romance with so much wit and intelligence that you might be inspired to circle her sentences and draw little hearts around them. Park and Eleanor fall in love with each other, but we think you'll be in love with both of them by the time the book's over.

Not only that, you'll probably relate to them. Have you ever felt like an outsider? Ever dealt with bullying at school? Have you ever been judged because of the way you look? Eleanor and Park deal with all of this, plus a few issues that are a lot more serious. These two seem like real teenagers, and even if you don't have something in common with them, you'll wish you could hang out with them. Or at least swap mix tapes.

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