Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 12

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 12

  • Ella is devastated. She'd imagined Hattie doing embarrassing and even painful things to her, but she never anticipated this.
  • She tries to think of a way to not hurt Areida's feelings. Pretend she's lost her voice so they can't talk anymore? Nope, one of the teachers would eventually order her to speak. And she can't explain to Areida about the curse since she's still following her mother's order to never tell anyone about it.
  • Ella has to cancel her study date with Areida, saying that she's tired. No problem, Areida says. They can catch up tomorrow.
  • Before going to bed, Ella cracks open the fairy tale book and—this is weird. She sees a letter from Dame Olga to her daughters. It's tedious and full of details about fancy-schmancy social events, as well as some speculation on just how rich Sir Peter is.
  • There's just one tiny detail that doesn't add up. Dame Olga says that she hopes Hattie had found someone trustworthy to style her hair. 
  • Hm.
  • Olive certainly doesn't need someone to help as her hair's very thin.
  • And Hattie had attacked Ella's hair after the bogweed incident.
  • Ah ha! Ella has figured it out. Hattie and Dame Olga wear wigs.
  • The book also shows Char training the centaur, and it contains a letter he'd written to his father. 
  • Okay, seriously, this is a little creepy. Spying isn't cool, guys.
  • Anyway, Char talks about an expedition against the ogres, but also mentions Ella and the fact that he's bummed about her going to finishing school.
  • There's also a letter from Ella's father to his steward, mostly describing how the elves are bad traders and won't even bring out an authentic Agulen sculpture.
  • That letter further details Sir Peter's plans to go to a giant wedding at the house of a giant named Uaaxee. Sir Peter thinks that a few fairies might be there, and maybe he can trade with them.
  • Fairies, you say? Ella's wheels start churning. Maybe Lucinda will be there, and maybe Ella could beg her to remove the spell.
  • She reasons through the fact that she hadn't promised to stay at finishing school, merely to go. She also hadn't been ordered to stay put.
  • Plus if she leaves, Areida won't realize that Ella is forbidden to be her friend.
  • That seals it. Ella packs up and heads out, stealing Hattie's wig for good measure.