Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 14

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 14

  • And, in fact, her luck ends pretty quickly.
  • The next morning, Ella's woken up by an ogre poking her with a stick and musing aloud on how to eat her.
  • Oh, the pony? He's just a pile of bones.
  • Ella understandably wants to vomit. The ogres (yep, there's a group of them) complain that this'll make her taste sour.
    Again: those language studies sure come in handy.
  • The ogre who'd caught her (SEEf) wants to eat her himself, but another ogre wants him to share, so they fight until Ella nearly manages to run away.
  • Unfortunately, they tell her to stop—and she has to.
  • (You'd think Lucinda could have put a "No Ogres" clause in that little gift of her, right?)
  • Anyway, they eventually decide to bring Ella along and eat her later. They get tired of carrying her pretty quickly, though, and think maybe they'd better gobble her up to lighten the load.
  • There's one nice (kind of) ogre, NiSSh. He defends Ella by saying that she probably tastes bad, anyway, and then actually leaves Ella untied at night. Awesome!
  • Not so much, because he orders her not to run away. Well, she still tries, but the spell thwarts her attempts: it turns her around, makes her fall to her knees, and so on.
  • Hey, brain flash! Maybe if she can speak Ogrese as persuasively as they can, she can convince them to let her go.
  • Ella's voice isn't quite right, so she imagines swallowing honey and oil to make her words sweet and practices their language until she falls asleep.
  • The next morning, NiSSh wakes her up. The ogres immediately argue about who gets to eat what part of her.
  • Meanwhile, she tries to talk them out of eating her, saying in Ogrese that they're not really hungry—in fact, they're quite full.
  • Ella finally convinces the ogres that they're stuffed from their last meal and their best option is to sleep it off. 
  • It's awesome to be giving the orders for once.