Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 15

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 15

  • Okay, great. The ogres are asleep, but there are still eight of them. And she can't leave, because she's still under orders to stay with them. What to do?
  • Just then, a twig snaps. Enter Char leading six knights carrying rope. They start tying up the ogres, but SEEf wakes up and is like, yo, what are you guys doing?
  • His persuasive speech powers don't affect Char, but the other ogres are starting to wake up and get feisty.
  • Char asks Ella (in a strangely loud voice) whether she could tame the ogres again; if not, she should run for her life. Ella manages to convince the ogres that the prince and his men must bind the ogres before bringing them tasty treats.
  • The ogres suddenly think that sounds like a great idea, and the men manage to get them bound and gagged.
  • That actually went much better than it usually does for murderous orcs.
  • Ella and Char start talking, except Char can't hear her until he remembers to take the wax out of his ears.
  • Oh, smart! That's why his voice was so loud; plugging their ears gives them an edge when facing ogres.
  • One of the knights, when scouting, had seen Ella being held captive, and then talking them out of eating her. Char asks how she did it, and she joked that she told them about finishing school, which was so boring it put them to sleep.
  • Oh, about finishing school: she's actually run away. She tries to make Char laugh by giving him a lesson on how to eat properly using imaginary silverware, and her talk of mutton forks vs. trout forks is funny enough that Char does indeed laugh.
  • He thinks it's particularly funny that Manners Mistress says that his father is such a stickler for manners that he'll exile people who ate the wrong soup from the wrong bowl.
  • Char introduces Ella to his knight buddies, saying she's the one he'd told them about who also speaks Gnomic. So either Ella's language skills are that impressive, or Char has a crush on her. (Or, okay, maybe both.)
  • After Char tells the ogres that they won't be killed as long as they behave, they start struggling. Ella gleefully tells them that they won't be eating her, at least.
  • Time for lunch! Ella notices that nobody eats until Char does. Hey, sometimes it's good to be the king. Er, future king.
  • Char says that his dad, King Jerrold, will be thrilled that they've captured so many orcs. Ella worries that she'll be ordered to return to the castle with them to keep the ogres placated, thus missing her chance to hit up a fairy at the wedding.
  • Finally, Char decides to split the group, and have one of the knights, Sir Stephan, escort Ella to her destination.
  • Time to 'fess up; Ella says that she's going to a giant's wedding to meet her father, and then immediately worries that Prince Char will think she's an idiot for risking her life over something so inconsequential. Well, he sure does thinks highly of her for taming the ogre.
  • As soon as they get her on Sir Stephan's horse, however, her curse begins acting up, since technically she's still under the ogre's command to not leave. She invents an excuse about being worried to leave them, at which point Char tells her it's fine and to go with the knight.
  • Great, now they can be on their way. Hm. It sure does seem like Char wants to see her again, though.