Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 17

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 17

  • The giantess Uaaxee enthusiastically greets her new arrivals. Sir Stephan bows out, saying he'd just escorted Ella there. Ella says her father is Sir Peter, but she wants to keep her arrival a secret so she can surprise him. Uaaxee agrees; giants dig surprises.
  • Ella wanders into the crowd, wondering how she'll find Lucinda—or any other fairies. Guess she'll have to start checking their feet, since fairies have tiny feed.
  • She comes to a stool laden with food for people her size, so she grabs a huge potato slice, a cheese puff the size of her face, and three string beans, a foot long each.
  • Huh. What a weird collection of food.
  • After she eats, a gong summons everyone to the wedding. Ella finds a place in the stands where she can watch ladies lift their skirts to ascend the steps.
  • She watches a lot of regular feet go by, and then sees two pairs of tiny feet. They belong to two ladies, escorted by a gentleman (who might also be a fairy, but male fairies tend to wear normal-sized shoes and stuff them full).
  • The male fairy and one of the women look like ordinary people, but the other female fairy is exquisitely beautiful.
  • Ella settles in to watch the wedding, but keeps her eye on the fairy-suspects.
  • The bride and groom plant a sack of corn during the wedding ceremony, then pantomime raising children and growing old together (with volunteers from the audience standing in as their future kids). They lay down in the grass together to show growing old and dying together.
  • Aw, that's kind of sweet.
  • The ceremony ends, and everyone congratulates the bride and groom.
  • The beautiful fairy appears to be giving them a blessing, except they don't look too happy about it. It must be Lucinda! Ella makes her way over, only to see the fairy vanish.
  • This confirms that it's Lucinda, since no other fairy does showy magic-like disappearances.
  • Ugh. Ella is bummed that she missed her chance to talk to Lucinda, so she wanders around the reception trying to regroup. She thinks maybe it'll help if she can locate the other fairies.
  • As she walks up to them, Lucinda appears again.
  • The male fairy (who we learn is named Cyril) berates Lucinda for recklessly disappearing in a crowd, and the female fairy (Claudia) asks what gift she gave the couple.
  • Lucinda explains that she blessed the couple with being together always: they cannot leave each other's presence.
  • Cyril and Claudia roll their eyes and explain why this is literally the worst wedding present ever. Everyone needs some alone time, you know?
  • In fact, Claudia predicts all giants will elope from now on rather than risk receiving such a "blessing." Cyril challenges Lucinda to visit the couple in a year and see how the couple is doing.
  • Lucinda says she will return and she will be right and—suddenly she sees Ella looking intently at her and asks what she's staring at.