Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 20

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 20

  • And here's Dame Olga herself, smothering Ella with a hug and telling her to call her Mum Olga. The wedding's in a week, in order to give Hattie and Olive time to return from finishing school.
  • They won't be going back afterward, because apparently they're finished enough.
  • Ella is grossed out by the PDAs between Sir Peter and Dame Olga. Luckily, she doesn't have to see much of either, as the couple spends the most time at Dame Olga's place (Sir Peter's place is a wreck since he's selling everything to take care of his debts).
  • Ella spends time with Mandy, and the two hide her mother's dresses to keep Sir Peter from selling them.
  • She also spends a lot of time with her centaur, Apple, talking to him even though he can't understand her.
  • The wedding's held in an old castle instead of the manor, with a masked ball to follow.
  • Ella stands around outside rather than face certain guests. As soon as she gets inside, Hattie runs up to hug her.
  • Nuh-uh. Afraid that Hattie will utter a command, Ella threatens to remove and parade around with her wig in front of everyone if Hattie speaks to her at all.
  • Weirdly, Olive clings to Ella and wants to sit with her in the ceremony.
  • The ceremony, conducted by High Chancellor Thomas (same dude who'd buried Ella's mom) is boring. Naturally. During it, however, Ella catches sight of Lucinda.
  • Afraid that the fairy would be mad at Ella for pretending to be Ayorthaian, Ella keeps her mask on.
  • Lucinda gets up at the end of the speech and declares that she'll give the couple a gift that isn't harmful or foolish: eternal love. As long as they're alive, they'll love each other.
  • Hm, that sounds pretty good, actually.