Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 22

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 22

  • After Char leaves, Sir Peter remarks that Ella's made another conquest. Ella retorts that the first conquest wasn't hers, and this one's not going anywhere because Char's leaving for a year.
  • On the carriage ride back to the manor, Mum Olga asks her new husband just how rich they are now. Sir Peter stalls by saying just as rich as they were before, but finally he has to tell the truth: actually, they're poor.
  • Mum Olga is not pleased. (Also, we were wondering how Sir Peter convinced him to marry her: guess he lied.) She takes Ella's bag, rummages around for precious items without finding much, and then tries to wrench Ella's bracelet off her.
  • Mum Olga says that she won't have Ella living like a lady in her house; she'll need to earn her keep.
  • Sir Peter tells Mum Olga to treat Ella well, but the look in her eyes says that ain't gonna happen.
  • Hattie begins with the atrocious orders just as Ella had feared.
  • When Char comes calling, Hattie forbids Ella from going to meet him.
  • This happens twice, and Hattie says that she's begun to win him over, based on the fact that he'd said he would remember their conversation forever.
  • Ella sees Char's journal entry in her fairy book. In it, he wonders why Ella's avoiding him and remarks on how large Hattie's teeth are and how endless her chatter was.
  • Ella is determined to write to Char to explain the misunderstanding, especially now that she won't see him for a year. She deliberates over how to start the letter—they're on a first name basis, but does she still have to address him as Prince?—but finally she writes to him about being confined to her room, fibbing a bit and saying that her father was angry at her for leaving the wedding early.
  • She writes about her early life and asks him about his. She also explains that he should address his letters to Mandy in order to ensure that they reach her.
  • After addressing the letter to the royal family in Ayortha hoping that it'll reach Char there, Ella sends it, and settles in to suffer through whatever grief her new family will cause her.