Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 27

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 27

  • The castle is huge and super impressive. Ella hasn't been there since she was an infant, so she's blown away.
  • A squire points out the line to meet the prince and asks her to dance. She accepts, but watches Char while she dances. At one point, a blond girl makes him laugh. Hm, do we detect a hint of jealousy?
  • From her vantage point, she can also tell that Hattie is ready to move in on Char once he gets through the line of introductions.
  • There goes her resolve not to make contact. Ella gets in the introduction line and presents herself to the prince as Lela.
  • The meet-and-greet isn't going too well, until Ella starts speaking Ayorthaian. So, now they have something to talk about, and Hattie is mad that someone else is commandeering his attention.
  • They dance together. At one point he looks like he's on the verge of recognizing her and asks whether she likes to slide down stair rails. She lies and says that she's afraid of heights.
  • Finally, Char remembers that he should be talking to his other guests. He says he'll look for her later.
  • Ella hops in her coach and goes home.
  • The next day, Hattie recounts how often the prince had danced with her and how enamored he was of her. Yeah, right.
  • Ella resolves to keep her distance the next evening. It's not raining but Lucinda gives her a coach anyway, along with a tiara and pendant of pink roses that match her silvery blue gown.
  • When she arrives, she sees Char dancing with the blond chick. However, he looks at Ella over the girl's shoulder and mouths, "Wait for me." Which she does.
  • He dances with Ella, and asks her if she'll attend the following night: his father has asked him to sing an Ayorthaian song. He sings a snippet in her ear, and it's about remembering someone. Hmm…
  • Ella excuses herself because it's almost midnight. Before she leaves, he tells her to call him Char and holds her hand briefly. Swoon.