Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Chapter 28

By Gail Carson Levine

Chapter 28

  • Ella looks for a clue to Char's thoughts in her fairy book when she gets home, but nada. The next morning, though, it shows Char's journal entry from the second night of the ball.
  • Ahem. In Char's words: Hattie pretty much accosted him after Ella's departure saying that she was just looking out for him because "Lela" might be disfigured or old or a criminal. Therefore, Char should order her to unmask herself. Char also mused about who Lela might be and what her reasons for remaining masked are. He's happy to have found a friend where he expected none.
  • There's also a note from Olive to Hattie, reminding her to pay up since Olive had danced with the prince twice while Hattie was eating (again, the grammar and spelling are atrocious).
  • Since Ella plans to stay late at the final night of the ball in case that's when Char is singing, she makes a garland of daisies so the fairy gifts don't disappear at midnight.
  • Mandy has something better, though: a tiara of woven silver leaves and a silver necklace with a lapis pendant.
  • Char is waiting when her carriage pulls up. He notices that it's an unusual color (you know, pumpkin), and she says that it's normal her homeland.
  • Char asks if he can visit her there, and she says totally. Well, if he's going to meet her family, she might as well meet his, and he drags her over to meet his parents.
  • King Jerrold and Queen Daria seem friendly enough. The queen implies that "Lela" reminds her of another playful person at court (Ella's mom) and says that her son has chosen well. So embarrassing, mom.
  • As Char and Ella leave, Ella overhears the queen saying that she doesn't remember orange carriages in Bast. Oops.
  • When Char leaves Ella to visit with other guests, Hattie swoops in and grills "Lela" about her background.
  • Hattie says she's secretly engaged to the prince (!) so in his best interests, she has to see what "Lela's" face looks like. Luckily Hattie asks instead of commands, so Ella's able to refuse.
  • Char comes back just in time and tells Ella to dance with him. They dance for a while, and then head outside. Ella is super bummed, because she thinks this is the last time she's going to see Char.
  • They go back inside to dance. Char confesses that he's resolved to never marry, and he apologizes for misleading "Lela."
  • Ella laughs it off and says she's just there for stories. Char says that friendship can be forever, and he's on the verge of asking "Lela" something when Hattie yanks off Ella's mask.