Study Guide

Ella Enchanted Epilogue

By Gail Carson Levine


  • A month later, Ella and Char are married. Her stepfamily's not invited, and her father doesn't get the invitation in time because he's traveling. But Areida's there, and she and Ella are still BFFs.
  • There are also a bunch of magical creatures: the gnomes, Slannen the elf trader, Uaaxee the giant, and Apple the centaur.
  • Lucinda shows up with a gift, despite basically everyone telling her that, no, she really shouldn't have. However, it turns out to be harmless and even useful (we hope): a fairy box that will shrink or grow to accommodate whatever's put in it.
  • Fast forward to the future. Hattie never marries, but Olive marries a widower who will talk to her when she wants and give her cake and money. Sounds pretty good to us.
  • Ella's father becomes rich again, though Char keeps an eye on him to make sure he's trading honestly.
  • Mandy lives with them as cook and godmother of their children. She occasionally performs small magic to help out around the castle. Useful!
  • Ella refuses to become a princess, but instead takes the titles of Court Linguist and Cook's Helper. (Okay, admirable, but is that even possible? Do you not automatically become a princess if you marry a prince?)
  • She travels with Char, picking up local languages along the way, and the fairy book keeps them posted on how their kids are doing at home.
  • Oh yeah, and Ella now loves making decisions. Sometimes she even changes her mind several times. Luckily, Char thinks this is pretty funny.
  • They live—wait for it—happily ever after.