Study Guide

Mr. Weston in Emma

By Jane Austen

Mr. Weston

Mr. Weston, a former army captain, has finally managed to earn enough to buy his own land and marry the woman of his dreams. He’s learned the hard way that money can buy love: his first wife, Frank Churchill’s mother, came from a rich family and never quite forgave him for being poor. When she dies, Mr. Weston allows the Churchills to raise Frank.

He’s a fairly easy-going guy, which is why he seems to forgive Frank for never coming to visit him. Always ready to believe the best of people, Mr. Weston may often be taken in by scheming characters (such as Mrs. Elton and, occasionally Frank), but at least he’s well-liked. Hosting the first ball that Highbury has seen in a long time sure helps, as well!

Oh, did we mention that part of the reason that Mr. Weston remains a general favorite might be because he’s a huge gossip? Somehow Highbury finds out about every "secret" engagement quickly – perhaps because Mr. Weston tells everybody he meets all about the good news he happens to know. He’s loveable enough to make people forgive him pretty quickly, however. He’s just thrilled to spread happiness everywhere – sort of like a big, cuddly teddy bear. A talkative teddy bear.

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