Study Guide

Emma Chapter Eleven

By Jane Austen

Chapter Eleven

  • Emma’s sister and her husband (Mr. and Mrs. John Knightley, if we’re being particular) arrive from London with several baby Knightleys in tow.
  • Our narrator presents John Knightley as a smart (if cold) gentleman and Isabella as a warm (if stupid) wife.
  • Luckily, they’re married. It all evens out.
  • In case we haven’t mentioned it, Mr. Woodhouse is something of a sympathetic hypochondriac – he’s convinced that Isabella and the children must all be getting ill after their journey.
  • Isabella, a bit of a hypochondriac herself, agrees.
  • Mr. Woodhouse and Isabella spend quite a bit of time talking about their favorite doctors. It’s fascinating, really. Check it out.
  • Isabella mentions her doctor, which makes Mr. Woodhouse rather nervous.
  • After all, everyone knows that Mr. Perry is the best – and only – good doctor in England.
  • Isabella disagrees.
  • Mr. John Knightley starts to point out how silly the entire conversation is.
  • Emma has to play some quick damage control to avert family feuds.
  • The whole family discusses the mysterious Frank Churchill (who has yet to appear in Highbury).