Study Guide

Emma Chapter Fifty-Four

By Jane Austen

Chapter Fifty-Four

  • Mr. Knightley comes in one day with news: Harriet is engaged.
  • To Robert Martin.
  • Emma’s surprised – but not nearly as unhappy as Mr. Knightley expected.
  • Apparently she’s learned some lessons.
  • Mr. Knightley acknowledges that he’s learned, too.
  • He doesn’t think Harriet a fool anymore.
  • In fact, Robert’s upcoming marriage actually makes him pretty happy.
  • Overjoyed, Emma travels to the Westons’ to share the news.
  • Mrs. Weston sits with her new baby –and Frank and Jane are walking outside.
  • Emma’s still a bit awkward about meeting Frank.
  • They sit in silence for awhile, and Emma grows convinced that they’ll never be friends again.
  • Soon, however, the ice breaks.
  • Emma and Frank laugh over the mistakes of the past months.

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