Study Guide

Emma Chapter Fifty-One

By Jane Austen

Chapter Fifty-One

  • In fact, Emma remains so convinced by Frank’s letter that she shows it to Mr. Knightley.
  • He’s about as excited to hear about Frank as he ever was – but he tolerates it for Emma’s sake.
  • After Mr. Knightley finishes the letter, he brings up some more important business: how can they get married without making Emma’s father miserable?
  • Emma already has a plan. It’s about as good as most of her plans have been.
  • If they wait to get married until after Mr. Woodhouse dies, Emma argues, then he’ll never be unhappy.
  • We told you it was a crappy plan.
  • Luckily, Mr. Knightley agrees with our opinion. He’s got an alternate solution.
  • Instead of Emma moving to Donwell Abbey, Mr. Knightley proposes that he should move into Hartfield.
  • That way, Mr. Woodhouse never has to leave his own home.
  • Astonished at Mr. Knightley’s liberality, Emma immediately agrees to think it over.
  • In fact, she pretty much agrees to agree.
  • Harriet remains the only sticky point in Emma’s life now.
  • And, as Emma reflects, it’s probably too much to expect that Harriet could love three men in one year.