Study Guide

Emma Chapter Fifty-Two

By Jane Austen

Chapter Fifty-Two

  • Although Emma’s a bit unsettled by the thought of hurting Harriet, she writes to her immediately.
  • In the letter, she offers to send Harriet to London to stay with Isabella.
  • Apparently Harriet happens to have developed a bad tooth.
  • Isabella loves doctors. It’s a match made in heaven.
  • With Harriet gone, Emma can finally enjoy spending time with Mr. Knightley without feeling guilty. A little bit of distance can change everything!
  • In her spare time, Emma pays a visit to Jane and the Bateses.
  • As she walks up to the door, Emma remembers the horrible awkwardness of her last visit.
  • Suddenly shy, she waits at the bottom of the stairs as the maid announces her name.
  • This time, however, Jane comes running down to greet her.
  • Emma congratulates Jane on her engagement.
  • They both apologize profusely and hug each other.
  • A sappy make-up scene ensues.
  • Or rather, a sappy make-up scene would probably ensue.
  • Unfortunately, Jane has other visitors, so this can’t happen.
  • In fact, her other visitor turns out to be none other than our old friend, Mrs. Elton.
  • Mrs. Elton remains as catty and superficial as ever.
  • It’s so nice to know that some things never change.
  • Mrs. Elton is pretty sure that Emma doesn’t know anything about the engagement – and so she proceeds to do a lot of loud whispering behind one hand. It’s pretty funny to all concerned.
  • Even Jane has trouble hiding her laughter.
  • Emma and Jane part as friends.