Study Guide

Emma Chapter Fourteen

By Jane Austen

Chapter Fourteen

  • Snow starts to fall as they all drive to the Westons’.
  • At the party, Mr. Elton seems strangely excited (and drunk). But let’s stick with excited for now…
  • As cocktail conversation commences, everybody seems to be talking about Frank Churchill. Remember him? He’s Mr. Weston’s son.
  • Emma indulges in a few fantasies about Frank (don’t worry, they’re all G-rated).
  • Apparently Frank’s visit has been postponed (again). By this time, you could think of him as the invisible man.
  • Mr. Weston blames it all on Frank’s evil, evil aunt.
  • Mrs. Weston’s not so sure.
  • Emma declares that Frank has no excuse for ditching his new step-mother like this (keep this in mind for later!)
  • Mrs. Weston silently agrees.