Study Guide

Emma Chapter Seventeen

By Jane Austen

Chapter Seventeen

  • After the snows stop, Mr. and Mrs. John Knightley head back to London.
  • Mr. Woodhouse mourns for their loss. (Of what? Of his daughter Isabella, of course!)
  • Emma walks over to Mrs. Goddard’s, where Harriet is staying.
  • She decides that it’s time to break the bad news to Harriet – who takes it surprisingly badly. Maybe she actually has feelings, after all?
  • Harriet goes on a long rant about Mr. Elton’s perfections and all the ways in which she’s not worthy. We’ll just skip over that.
  • Emma regrets the fact that she, Harriet, and Mr. Elton are all stuck in Highbury. ("This town’s not big enough for the three of us...")
  • Unfortunately for Harriet, Mr. Elton is the current pin-up man at Mrs. Goddard’s school – so she has to hear about how hot he is all the time. It sucks to be her.

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