Study Guide

Emma Chapter Six

By Jane Austen

Chapter Six

  • How to win Mr. Elton’s heart for Harriet? Not to worry – Emma’s got a plan.
  • She decides to paint Harriet’s portrait and invite Mr. Elton over to view the work-in-progress (and, of course, its model).
  • Emma pulls out her oeuvre (her entire collection of artwork).
  • She’s never finished a piece in her life, but everyone’s convinced that they’d be masterpieces if they were ever completed.
  • She does have a pretty good portrait of her brother-in-law. It’s a bit out of proportion, but otherwise it’s great.
  • Harriet and Mr. Elton admire all of Emma’s works.
  • Over and over and over again.
  • Now that we come to it, Mr. Elton is – well – a bit too enthusiastic about anything and everything that Emma says and does. Sense any complications to Emma’s plans? Keep reading…
  • Emma’s portrait of Harriet meets with universal acclaim – although Mr. Knightley’s convinced that its proportions are all wrong. Typical, hm?
  • The portrait needs a frame, but luckily Mr. Elton promptly volunteers to take it to London.
  • By the time Emma’s done giving the portrait to Mr. Elton, she’s convinced that he’s a fool – but at least he’s a fool that’s in love with Harriet.
  • Want to know how she knows?
  • Well, why else would he ride all the way to London just to frame a portrait?
  • London’s a long way away (sixteen whole miles, in fact). That’s nothing to sneeze at. Especially when traveling by horseback is the fastest way to get around.