Study Guide

Emma Chapter Thirteen

By Jane Austen

Chapter Thirteen

  • The Westons host a Christmas Eve dinner to which all our friends are invited (even Mr. Woodhouse manages to leave the house for once).
  • Harriet, unfortunately, comes down with a cold at the last minute and can’t make it.
  • The afternoon of the party, Emma and Mr. John Knightley run into Mr. Elton on the road.
  • Emma tries to persuade Mr. Elton to stay home.
  • After all, with Harriet gone, why could he ever want to eat out?
  • Strangely enough, he still seems excited to be going.
  • Mr. John Knightley warns Emma that Mr. Elton seems to be crushing on her.
  • Never fear – our heroine sees John as the ignorant man that he is. Luckily for us, Emma knows better.
  • Snowclouds darken the horizon as they head towards the party. (Can anyone sense a storm brewing?)