Study Guide

Emma Chapter Thirty-Three

By Jane Austen

Chapter Thirty-Three

  • More of the Eltons:
  • Emma notices that the Eltons (both Mr. and Mrs.) go out of their way to snub Harriet. This makes Emma hate them just a little bit more.
  • Mrs. Elton takes a liking to Jane Fairfax. She tells Emma that "we" must bring her out into the world more.
  • Emma wants no part of a "we" that includes Mrs. Elton. Or Jane Fairfax, for that matter.
  • Nonetheless, she does pity Jane for the "assistance" that she’s about to receive from Mrs. Elton.
  • Even Emma can see that Jane is approximately 37 million times more of a gentlewoman than Mrs. Elton ever could be.
  • Interestingly, soon after this visit Mrs. Elton grows suddenly cold towards Emma.
  • As you can guess, Emma’s rather OK with that.
  • Emma wonders why Jane Fairfax is still staying with her aunts. It can’t be too pleasant to stay with the Bateses – and now that Mrs. Elton’s in the picture, Emma imagines that it must be insufferable.
  • She talks Jane’s situation over with Mrs. Weston when they next meet.
  • Mrs. Weston suggests that perhaps Miss Bates unwittingly assisted Mrs. Elton’s claim to "protect" Jane.
  • Once her aunt asked for help, it might have been too hard for Jane to ask Mrs. Elton to leave her alone.
  • Mr. Knightley, who’s also part of the conversation, agrees.
  • Perhaps he was the one to send the piano to Jane?
  • Proclaiming that sending a huge gift to a lover anonymously is the sort of thing that only a naïve man would do, Mr. Knightley seems to clear himself of any such suspicions.
  • Emma slyly asks Mr. Knightley if he likes Jane.
  • Mr. Knightley turns a bit red – but he declares that, although he thinks Jane is perfect, he’s not in love with her.
  • After he leaves, Mrs. Weston wonders aloud if Mr. Knightley doth protest too much.