Study Guide

Emma Chapter Twelve

By Jane Austen

Chapter Twelve

  • Emma’s a bit worried about Mr. Knightley coming over for dinner – they haven’t spoken since their fight four chapters ago.
  • Luckily, she’s holding a baby when Mr. Knightley enters. Everybody loves babies.
  • Emma and Mr. Knightley make up over their niece (although they each secretly think that they’re right about Harriet).
  • Isabella and her father enter into a long conversation about doctors and gruel. It’s about as exciting as doctors and gruel can be.
  • Mr. John Knightley can occasionally throw out some zingers – which means that Emma and Mr. Knightley are on damage control again all night!
  • Mr. Knightley and Mr. John Knightley get a little brother bonding time in (you know, cattle, fence repairs…the usual).
  • They get along really well.