Study Guide

Emma Chapter Twenty-Nine

By Jane Austen

Chapter Twenty-Nine

  • Our narrator spends a good chunk of time reflecting upon dancing and its effects on young people. It’s actually quite funny – we recommend you check it out!
  • The upshot of this meditation is that Frank decides to have a ball of his own.
  • Emma heads over to Randalls to help Frank plan the ball.
  • There’s only one problem: Randalls is a pretty small house. In fact, they might only be able to fit three couples in one room. And who ever heard of a dance with just six people?
  • Frank and Emma spend the morning pacing around the rooms at Randalls. Surprisingly, the rooms don’t seem to be getting any bigger.
  • Mr. Weston wants to fit everybody in the house, anyway.
  • Mrs. Weston isn’t so sure.
  • They all stand around, perplexed.
  • A brilliant idea! Frank proposes that the Westons rent out the local pub (the Crown) and have their dance in the upper rooms.
  • Later that day, Frank and Emma share their idea with Emma’s father.
  • Mr. Woodhouse is aghast, astonished, and argumentative.
  • A public house? He’s never even been in a public house. Who knows what sort of diseases might be lurking in the corners of its rooms?
  • Emma thinks that Frank’s idea is a brilliant one.
  • She works with Frank to convince her father that the Crown might actually be safer than Randalls for a large group of people.
  • Finally, Mr. Woodhouse comes around to Emma’s way of thinking. Emma does have a way with words!
  • Emma joins the Westons at the Crown to plan the party.
  • It’s a bit dirty, but it’s nice and big.
  • Mr. Weston paces through the halls. Mrs. Weston and Emma decide where to have dinner.
  • Frank remains excited about everything.