Study Guide

Emma Chapter Twenty-Seven

By Jane Austen

Chapter Twenty-Seven

  • As Emma thinks about the party the next morning, she almost regrets spreading rumors about Jane (to Frank, of course). It doesn’t quite seem like the proper thing to have done.
  • Emma walks with Harriet to town.
  • They meet Frank and Mrs. Weston on the way. (Is it just us, or does Frank seem to be wandering the streets ALL THE TIME? It’s a bit creepy….)
  • There’s a funny scene involving Harriet picking out a dress. Read the book to find out more.
  • As they leave the store, Miss Bates rushes out to meet them. She invites them all to hear Jane play on her new piano.
  • It turns out that Frank is already at the Bates house fixing Mrs. Bates’ glasses. He’s so helpful.